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Missing Conventions!

Everything is slooowly starting to get back to normal and conventions are starting to come back. While preparing for the shop launch and going through my merch stock leftovers I realised how much I actually miss conventions. 2020 was a very hectic year and my life got completely different from how it was. Some of these changes are permanent and will stick for quite some time, but I’m glad that soon I’ll have a piece of the old life back. I really miss the whole energy of the conventions, the numerous all-nighters of button-pressing and sticker-cutting, the early morning travelling, the setting up, meeting friends and so many people.

I remember when I first started selling at artist alleys my booth was so different. And with the years it kept evolving and got more elaborate. I can’t wait for this year to add yet another layer by introducing my screen printed apparel!

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Photoshoot in the park

The preparations for the store launch and graduation exhibition are going quite stressfull! I’m doing my best to keep calm but it seems like the work is endless and keeps growing. One of the big things that was left to do was a photoshoot of the new t-shirts for the shop. I was invited to a birthday party in Sofia so I took that opportunity to organise a nice shoot with my favourite models, Irina and Dodo. The days leading up to it were very very stressful so we didn’t really have any time to plan the photos, so everything was quite improvised. We decided to shoot in a nearby park as the wheater seemed favourable. I was originally planning on using a white sheet backdrop, but the wind had other plans! So improvisation it is…

Nonetheless we had a lot of fun and the photos also turned out quite nice! We even found a bit of time extra to take some pics for Irina’s handmade harnesses brand – Penumbra-Designs. I really can’t wait for our next photoshoot!

But for now I’m working hard on the exhibition, so wish me luck and let me know what you think about the shoot!